Telescoping Walkway

The Telescoping walkways are designed to meet the need to access the Ladder mate if the shield was either raised out of the ground or benched into the ground. There are adjustable from 1200 to 2000mm.  As the walkway is telescoping it allows for varying heights and distances and provides a safe angle to walk on. The floors and handrails meet the minimum loads required in the standards, AS1657.2013 & AS1664

All come with relevant handrails and kick boards all meeting the minimum 550N required.

Walkways attach to the ladder mate with an aluminium rod that secure the walkway to the ladder mate and is locked in place with an R clip.

The 1200 to 2000mm walkway weighs just 18kgs

Telescoping Walkways meet the requirements of both:

  • AS 1657.2013 Fixed Platforms, walkways, stairways and ladders, design and construction.
  • AS 1664. Aluminium Platforms, walkways, stairways and ladders and Guard railing, design and construction.
Telescoping Walkway