Ladder Mate

An absolutely essential component of a safe site set up when trenching.

The Ladder Mate clamping system is designed to clamp over the top of our trench shields. The Ladder mate has the option of the ladder on either side of the ladder mate to give some flexibility on site.  The ladder resting rail has a steel clamp to secure a ladder safely, allowing a safe access point into the trench shield,

Assembled weight of a ladder mate is 20kGs and is designed to be handled and placed by hand, meaning no need to use an excavator to reposition it.

All Ladder Mates come with the connection points to attach a Telescoping walkway.

Ladder Mates, meet the requirements of both:

  • AS 1657.2013 Fixed Platforms, walkways, stairways and ladders, design and construction.
  • AS 1664. Aluminium¬† Platforms, walkways, stairways and ladders and Guard railing, design and construction.
Ladder Mate